Charity Hüter

From a very young age I have been in awe and inspired by nature and culture. How people see the world we live in and how we exist in it is a beautiful thing. Nature isn't forced, it is a force. We aren't in control. Life happens. Good, beautiful, unexpected (and sometimes not so good) life. Everyone has a story. I would love to capture your stories as they happen. If I can be honest; I'm not a photographer who will show you how to stand.  I'm not a photographer who will tell you your hair is messed up. And no, I WILL NOT photoshop you to look 2 sizes smaller. Could I? sure. Will I.... no.  It's not you. I will however take pictures of you and your life and you will look INCREDIBLE. You are incredible!! Every wrinkle, every life line, these things tell the world you have lived life. I will capture you in some of your most organic moments. Years later,  you will look at my pictures and smile. You'll smile because you and your loved ones weren't forcing a smile or an un-natural pose. That's why I do this. For the smiles.  Pictures make people happy. When you see the final result and smile, I know I've created something that will last generations. Something you will pull out time and again for your children and your grandchildren and you'll all smile. What a gift.  What an honor.  Thank you for the opportunity to shoot you ;) the privilege is all mine!


Thats me in the picture. A quirky, introverted 36 year old mother of 4. I LOVE having a camera in my hand.  I LOVE taking pictures of perfectly imperfect people.  I hate small talk, it feels unnatural and I'm really bad at it. I do love to be real and I love it when my clients are real and can let loose. You're awkward, I'm awkward, we are all awkward but we are in this together.  Lets make magic!